USB Infrared communications lead

Allows manual connection of a DataCell data logger to a laptop or PC, for downloading data, logs and uploading configuration changes.




magnetic swipe

This is required to "Wake Up" a DataCell data logger from hibernation, or to initiate a manual download of auto logs and reports over the GSM network.




spline spanners

Required to open MKI DataCell and the new Rtx ST screw together data loggers. This allows the user to connect to the inputs, install a sim card and change the battery packs.




Replacement Battery Packreplacement battery packs

Replacement Lithium Ion battery packs are available to keep your DataCell data logger running. Typically lasts for 10 Years at one call per day.




DataCell L Bracket

Required to secure the DataCell L level monitor and data logger to a wall or other mounting point safely.

Also includes part number: 320051275




DataCell Rtx Bracket

Required to connect your DataCell Rtx data logger to a water meter or similar, safely and securely.