datacell r

Product Features

The DataCell R Data Logger is a robust yet flexible product designed to provide monitoring and alarming in the harshest of environments.

Powered by long life lithium batteries the DataCell R delivers information locally and via GSM and GPRS.

Its IP67 rated enclosure allows it to be installed in any environment.



Product Overview

The DataCell R data logger has been designed to meet the harsh environmental realities of monitoring industrial and utility equipment. Powered by a long life battery and waterproof to 1 metre, it is robust enough to be installed in inspection pits or exposed to the weather, without the need for specialised tools or running cables.

Once installed the DataCell thinks for itself, returning information to multiple users via e-mail or SMS providing data and reporting alarms such as zero usage or maximum demand events automatically.

Extremely flexible, the DataCell R has four digital inputs and can be programmed to record data in intervals ranging from 1 second to 99 minutes and has memory capacity to store up to 2 million records. The Connect software suite provides easy to use tools for data analysis and export to data bases and spread sheets.

Field proven in applications as diverse a water level sensing, utility metering and security monitoring, the DataCell R is the obvious choice for your data collection and operational monitoring needs.

The DataCell R is designed for industrial use, its features include:

Applications Features:

  • Key account metering
  • Irrigation monitoring
  • Event monitoring
  • Remote metering
  • Difficult to access sites
  • Process monitoring
  • Flow monitoring

Basic Features:

  • Designed for industrial use
  • Four programmable inputs
  • Waterproof to 1 metre
  • SMS and e-mail reporting
  • Stores 2 Million Records
  • 10 year battery life*

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