What you don't know is more dangerous than you think...

Without monitoring you have no idea of what is happening in your network.

  • Has a pipe burst?
  • Is the road flooded?
  • Is a tank empty?

Without monitoring you have no idea where your resources are going.

  • Why is the consumption so high?
  • Do I have a leak?
  • Why hasn't there been any usage?

Without monitoring processes get out of control without your knowledge.

  • High/low pressure
  • Temperature
  • Voltage, current etc
  • All lead to system failures

All of the examples above will have a corresponding cost if not prevented or attended to immediately. Usually that cost escalates with time.

DataScape and DataCell can monitor for all of these events and many more and are typically self-funding, providing a return within 12 months. Whether that return is efficiency, knowledge, or monitoring, you will generate money nearly immediately.