24/7 measurement, analysis, and analytics of your electricity, gas, and water supply

Informed decision making and management based on real data

Relying on a monthly or quarterly meter read from a utility to control use or identify leaks is impractical.

With the technology developed in the DataCell & DataScape systems you can continuously monitor your meter, wherever it may be, receiving usage data and alarms when they are needed.

Any meter, anywhere, 24/7.

Do you know why your power bill is so high? What is costing you the money and when? In my business, how can I save money on my bills? What did that last water leak cost us?

Understanding your consumption

DataCell & DataScape bring process control and automation to meters that previously were unable to be monitored on a 24/7 basis. All information is delivered direct to your desktop, phone, or tablet no matter where your asset is located, worldwide.

The DataCell hardware resides in the field, on the meter, continually measuring the flow. On a schedule, or when an alarm condition is recognised, the DataCell unit will transmit all information to the DataScape portal, providing you with summary and detail information on your preferred device, be it phone, tablet, or desktop. You can see your consumption throughout the day and identify potential savings.

Finding water leaks

Water leaks are identified with ease using the DataScape system and we find many users pay for their device within the first year just from repairing expensive water leaks. Large leaks can be identified in real time. Smaller leaks within 24 hours. 

Eliminating waste

Analysing your incoming water consumption and comparing it with your manufacturing use and discharge is all possible using the DataScape & DataCell system. Millions and millions of litres of water have been saved and water bills correspondingly reduced by simply understanding what water you take on and where it goes. Aegis can provide assistance with system setup and analysis to reduce your monthly spend.

Trade Waste

Large commercials and industrials often have trade Waste agreements in place with local water authorities and councils, particularly around volume of discharge. DataScape & DataCell assist maintain compliance with these agreements and provide a transparent view of progress for both you and the water company.

Aegis has used the DataScape & DataCell system with numerous water companies and councils to better understand the whole trade waste equation in their region resulting in significant efficiencies for the water companies and a reduction in costs for the businesses.