datacell GPS



Product Features

The DataCell GPS Data Logger is a robust yet flexible product designed to enable you to easily keep a log of where your fleet of trucks or machinery is.

Powered by long life lithium batteries the DataCell GPS delivers information locally and via GSM and GPRS, this information can then be imported into Google Maps™.





Product Overview

Upon activation of a switch, either manually or via automatic means, the Aegis DataCell will transmit a GPS location to preprogrammed SMS and e-mail addresses via GSM/GPRS. The GPS location information is reported as latitude and longitude readings which can be imported into applications such as GOOGLE Maps ™ to graphically show the position of the plant that the GPS unit is attached to.

The DataCell GPS unit has numerous applications including:

  • Tracking of water trucks as they fill their tanks at standpipes etc.
  • Asset tracking of large pieces of hire equipment
  • Tracking of motor yachts, sailing yachts etc.
  • Tracking of bulk cargo shipments during delivery

In fact any application which requires accurate position information of a piece of machinery or equipment could benefit from being fitted with a DataCell GPS unit. The unit can also be fitted with up to three (3) digital inputs which makes it a very useful monitoring and alarm device in conjunction with its GPS tracking ability.”

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