Hydrant and Tanker Monitoring

Water scarcity has forced a change in the way bulk water companies operate.

Shifting the focus to resource conservation and effective management of water supplies.

Hydrant permit holders need potable water for a wide variety of reasons, including tree watering, road construction (dust suppression) and street sweeping. Permit numbers have greatly increased in recent years, putting even more pressure on water supplies.

The poor management of water has a huge effect on equipment. Leaking hydrants creating dirty water and burst water mains can take away from your revenue, and create a negative impact on the water network by decreasing security and the pressure of water output from the hydrants. It is vital that potable water is managed efficiently.

Some systems have a significant delay in relaying the details of water use. Who is using it, what they are using it for, when it’s being taken, where it’s going, or even how much - these are all questions that some bulk water transportation companies don’t get answers to until days or months after the fact.

If you wish to expand your business and care for the environment effectively, you need to be constantly aware of your management of the water being withdrawn from hydrants. To do this, you need look no further than DataCell.


With our data loggers you can track your water movement in real time, across your entire fleet. Information about the size of your carriers, how much of their capacity is actually being used, where they’re travelling and how long they’re travelling for is all available to you, allowing you total control over your water supply every step of the way.

If compatible, we can implement our readers to work with your company’s existing software, or we can provide the software for you.

  • track water movement
  • real time access
  • measure tank flow
  • total control


It’s now possible to track your water on its entire journey, with every step reported back to you. We use GPS technology to ensure that there are no unnecessary detours or bumps in the road and that the movement of your water supply is as efficient as possible.

Long life lithium batteries ensure that the loggers will last for as long as your fleet.

  • GPS technology
  • track your fleet
  • remotely monitor water usage
  • all purpose data logger


With our technology you can monitor whether your fleet is carrying its water at capacity. If your fleet consists of 100 vehicles but each of them are only filling to 80% capacity, you can downsize and still carry the same amount of water by ensuring that each individual vehicle is filled to capacity.

Ultimately, it’s better for the environment and your profit margin to be running fewer trucks more effectively.

  • more water in less vehicles
  • increased profit
  • a streamlined system
  • single solution for a mobile workforce