Product Features

The DataCell Rtx Ex Advanced Data Logger provides 2 way communications enabling you to manage your monitoring fleet from the hazardous zone to your desktop and save time and money by not having to make potentially hazardous service calls.

It retains the robust and flexible design of the DataCell range to provide monitoring and alarming in the harshest of environments.

Powered by long life lithium batteries the DataCell Rtx Ex data logger delivers information locally and via GSM and GPRS.

Product Overview

The DataCell Rtx- Ex advanced data logger has been independently certified for intrinsic safety. This means that the Rtx-Ex is now able to be installed in hazardous areas for applications such as monitoring of Gas metering installations and other applications in the oil and chemical industries.

In addition to providing highly accurate data logging, the DataCell Rtx-Ex can also be deployed as a monitoring and alarming device which can be installed in any location. It’s unique “sealed for life” intrinsically safe design and two-way remote communications ability allows the DataCell Rtx-ex to be used in environmental extremes and provides “set and forget” functionality and reliability.

The logger has been designed to give you complete control of your data logging fleet in hazardous areas without leaving your office. However, the Rtx Ex is not just a data logger, it also is a highly capable alarm device providing condition warnings for the water, refrigeration and air conditioning industries to name just a few.

Equipped with two-way communications capability, the unit can be remotely interrogated and reprogrammed allowing full access to all of the Rtx features and the ability to correct any installation programming errors without an expensive field visit.

In addition to the two-way communications, the Rtx has a number of advanced features including:- programmable SNTP time update, low battery warning, local communications activity notification via LED’s, easy to understand SMS message format and improved communications retry logic.

These features along with its 10 year battery life, storage capacity of 2 million records and field proven, waterproof case make the DataCell Rtx a must for your measurement and monitoring needs.

The DataCell Rtx Ex is designed for industrial use in hazardous areas, its features include:

  • IEC Ex certification (Zone 0)
  • 2 way communication
  • 4 programmable inputs
  • IP68 Waterproof enclosure
  • SMS & e-mail data collection
  • Data Logging storage of 2 million records
  • Continuous internal clock management
  • 10 year battery life (based on one call per day)



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