DataScape and DataCell have been developed by Australian company Aegis for the integration of IoT and smart devices into everyday operations and activities.

DataScape and DataCell combine to bring your asset status to your phone, tablet, or PC in real time, 24/7/365.

We use IoT to connect you to your world enabling instantaneous decision making based on real time data.

Know what's happening while you're not there; receive instant alarms when levels are breached; have the data to understand and act.

The key concept of this integration is to provide efficiencies to users and organisations resulting in tangible monetary and operational benefit. We partner with government, utilities, and industrials to reduce cost, reduce consumption, and to preserve the environment.

With over 80 years design experience in communications test equipment and 15 years of remote monitoring experience, Aegis has the knowledge and the ability to provide the most reliable, most suitable, and most cost effective IoT and remote monitoring solutions in the industry. Over many years we have worked with utility and industrial customers worldwide and have delivered results on all occasions. 

The DataScape and DataCell solution combines hardware and software, designed by Aegis in our Melbourne headquarters.

The entire system is designed as an integrated system from the ground up, resulting in maximum reliability and functionality whilst being very efficient in its operation. We focus on remote applications specifically - this means we provide the power internally, we provide the data collection, and we provide the communication from site, all in one small package with years of lifespan. Upon delivery to our secure portal the data can be analysed and action taken. Alarms can be set for certain events and immediate action taken in extreme circumstances.

We take DataCell to many and varied industrial applications - metering (electricity, gas, and water), water network flow and pressure management, tank levels for agriculture, industry, and bulk water, dam, lake, reservoir and river levels for storage and flooding management, tanker filling and hydrant management for water utilities, leak detection in reticulated water networks, temperature monitoring for refrigeration applications, and more. 

We look at sewer levels, blockages, and overflows; rainfall, stormwater, and catchments; trade waste output and disposal; sub-metering of industrial processes; we audit use and application of resources; if you can measure it, we can collect, store and analyse it. 

Whether it be by monitoring, logging and reporting consumption behaviour, locating lost services or finding leaks, we’ve got products designed to manage and protect your assets. We also have a range of products perfect for environmental monitoring, process control and event alarming.

The DataCell range results in savings in terms of water usage and capital expenditure, so it's good for the environment and your business. Contact us today to hear more about how using DataCell on your networks will benefit your company.

You can do more with DataCell!