24/7 measurement, analysis, and analytics of your CP systems

Informed decision making and management based on real data

Corrosion of assets in an industrial world goes unnoticed by most but is of critical importance to lifespan, safety, and whole of life cost to the asset owner.

With the technology developed in the DataCell & DataScape systems you can continuously monitor your asset, wherever it may be, to ensure it is protected against corrosion, meeting standards and practices. Any asset, anywhere, 24/7.

  • Have any idea if your cathodic protection is actually working?

  • Spending $$$ regularly on engineers and technicians field visits?

  • Spending $$$ on engineers and technicians measuring and creating reports?


Putting you in control of your network

DataCell & DataScape bring process control and automation to industrial assets that previously were unable to be monitored and managed on a 24/7 basis. All information is delivered direct to your desktop, phone, or tablet no matter where your asset is located, worldwide.

The DataCell hardware resides in the field, continually measuring the effectiveness of your corrosion mitigation systems. On a schedule, or when an alarm condition is recognised, the DataCell unit will transmit all information to the DataScape portal, providing you with summary and detail information on your preferred device, be it phone, tablet, or desktop - in fact, any internet connected device.

From this information work scheduling, emergency response, and management planning decisions can be made, instantly.

Not only does the system provide information for decision making, it actually significantly reduces the cost of your asset maintenance, particularly for those remotely located assets - pipelines, bridges, wharves, etc.

  • With 24/7 monitoring you do not need to schedule regular inspection visits - DataCell & DataScape do it for you.

  • Remote control of DataCell units from your desktop, phone, or tablet allows:
    • Field surveys without sending engineers/technicians on site
    • Area tests without sending Engineers/Technicians onsite
    • On/Off potential measurements to be made without sending Engineers/Technicians onsite

  • Data quality is assured as there can be no manual recording errors in an automated system

  • Critical infrastructure is monitored continuously providing real time alarms for faults, minimising downtime and associated costs

Monitor rectifiers, test points, drainage bonds, anodes, joints, and all other critical components - current, voltage, potential, intruder security

Increasing profitability & ROI

Efficiencies and cost benefits:

  • Data collection and pipeline surveys can be completed without any site visits - an enormous reduction in operational costs
  • Data collation is eliminated - an enormous reduction in operational costs
  • Data and survey reports are automated - an enormous reduction in operational costs
  • Asset protection can be maintained 24/7/365 - prolonging the life and safety of your asset
  • Site visits to test points that are difficult to access are eliminated - an enormous safety benefit to engineers and technicians
  • Data integrity is automatic - quality of data cannot be doubted nor can manual errors be introduced
  • Problem investigation is enhanced immeasurably - diagnose and repair with no delay
  • Designed for mass deployment - the investment required is insignificant due to our efficient design