Transformer Rectifiers play an important part in cathodic protection

In many systems actively maintaining the correct structure to soil potential, injecting current onto the structure to achieve the correct potential.

It is critical the potential is maintained in a predetermined range to ensure the structure is protected from corrosion whilst not damaging the structure.


In achieving this balance many factors are taken into account and the potential must be maintained across the entire structure area or length.

Previously operators were only able to determine the effectiveness of their protection levels by manually reading the potential levels at designated test locations on a regular basis. This involved significant labour expenditure and operational risk – many such structures are in remote or hazardous environments and the health, safety, and environmental risks are considerable.

DataScape and DataCell combine to provide continuous rectifier measurement, delivered to your desktop/tablet/phone, allowing continuous monitoring of your rectifier’s operation. You can monitor any combination of the incoming power, current or voltage, the output power, current or voltage, and the local structure to soil potential.

Monitoring of temperature or facility security are also possible if desired. Further, you can set alarms for high or low levels on any of these parameters so that you are notified when anything goes out of range.




In the field the DataCell is installed within the rectifier cabinet. It is self powered, meaning it is independent of the rectifier system, and will continue to operate in the event of a total power failure to the rectifier unit. The DataCell will take measurements on the schedule you set and automatically upload them to the DataScape portal at the interval you set.

Our DataCell units can be configured to measure many different current and voltage ranges so there will always be a product suitable for your rectifier.

The DataScape portal receives the data and is your window for managing your system. At any time you can look and see what each rectifier unit is doing, how it is performing, and if any action needs to be taken. More importantly though, DataScape will automatically push alarm messages to you in the event of any problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

DataScape is fully configurable with user level control, alarm level control, and access through any internet browser on any device.