We design the entire system, from end to end. Hardware, software, analytics, we do it all. One source, one system, one result!

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We design for mass deployment and full network coverage - thousands of monitored points can be deployed reliably and cost effectively!

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 We design for the environment you operate within. 85 years designing for gas, power, telco, and water means we survive harsh environments.

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How we do it 

We understand our customer needs and stay at the forefront of technology.

DataScape and DataCell have been designed in conjunction with industry to produce the simplest and most reliable method of monitoring their remote assets. We have spent years working in our customer's environments on our customer's assets to understand what is needed, what is optional, and how to deliver it when it is needed.

We combine that knowledge with our leading edge technology focus and implement systems for customer acceptance, ensuring they meet the essential requirements, and then deploy the solutions to industry.

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Key Benefits

We design for the environment you live in

DataScape and DataCell are both designed to meet the extreme environments remote assets and networks are commonly found in. City, urban, rural; hot, cold, wet; from a post in the desert to an underground pit - our utility customers will attest to the ruggedness and reliability of the DataScape and DataCell range. 

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DataScape and DataCell are both designed by Aegis as an integrated system - they are intrinsically linked.

We do not stitch together hardware and software from different designers and manufacturers.

We are responsible for the data delivery from the remote site to you, with no exception.

One source, one system, one result.

Rugged, reliable, 24/7.